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Maize Wheat Flour mill machine

Maize Wheat Flour mill,Flour Milling machine


Introduction for wheat flour mill 

Maize Wheat Flour mill machine

We have series of MFD flour-milling machines: MFD35. 40.50 . Their perfomance have come up to international advanced level. These machines won many golden medals and have been considered as reliable products by China consumer Society, Standard quality Department of Agricultrue, and Peasant Daily. 

The MFD series is primary suitable to independent application and can aslo be used in small size flour mills .With combined multimachine system. It mainly grinds wheat, corn, rice and sorghum, other grain seeds such as coffee, pepper, cocoa etc, and traditional Chinese mediches.


Features of wheat flour mill

1.Automatic feeding

2.Processing wheat, maize, etc

3.Capacity can be designed

4.Good & healthy

Our small flour mill machine have Compact structure and beautiful appearance,and easy control for wheat pro


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