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Maize Flour Mill Machine

Maize Flour Mill Machine

1. The Roller Mill Is The Main Processing Equipment For Grinding Corn And Miscellaneous Grains In A Mazie Flour Mill Machine.

2. It Mainly Relies On A Pair Of Grinding Rollers With Certain Technical Characteristics On The Surface, A Certain Speed Difference And Reverse Rotation To Break The Corn And Peel It From The Corn Husk. The Endosperm Is Ground Into Flour.

3. When The Mill Is Working, The Material Passes Through The Work Area Between The Slow And Fast Rollers, So That The Material Is Squeezed, Sheared And Scraped To Achieve A Certain Grinding Effect.

4. Each Mill Is Equipped With Two Independent Grinding Systems, And The Drive Of The Grinding Roller And The Feeding Roller Of Each System Is Independent, Which Plays Their Respective Functions In The System Milling Process.Maize Flour Mill Machine


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