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Grain Flour Milling Machine

Grain Flour Milling Machine

single passage roller mill and plansifters, our small-scale/medium size complete set of wheat/buckwheat flour milling machine are capalbe of processing 30/40/50/60 tons raw material in 24hours.

Grain Flour Milling Machine

Process Flow:

Impurities removal in the separator&destoner firstly and then clean wheat be transformed to the intensive dampener/washer, after intensive and gentle dampening, the wheat will be peeled and crushed in the pulverizer. After the flour extracting, the wheat will be milled further in the roller mills till get the super fine or first class flour. At the end of the procedure, the produced flour will be packed by the automatic packing machine. This type of machine also can process buckwheat, soya bean meal, etc.

Output Index:

all-purpose flour about 75-78%


1.Turnkey project 30T-50T/D complete flour milling machinery.

2.Advanced technology support and customized dedign.

3.Thorough crafts and rational allocation.

4.Dust-free design and low power consumption.

5.Perfect after-sales service.

6.One year guarantee.


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