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Grain Cleaning Machine In China

Grain Cleaning Machine In China

Grain Cleaning Machine In China

Grain Cleaning Machine Introduction:

1. Grain Cleaning Machine design:
This Grain Cleaning Machine or bean cleaning line is an automatic bean processing line integrated with cleaning, destoning,
selecting, brushing, grading, color sorting and winnowing processes.
The line is in double layer steel structure with equipments arrangement. It uses electric centralized control system, up to
continuous automatic operation.
2. Grain Cleaning Machine e with fine cleaning efficiency:
This Grain Cleaning Machine refers to the bean fine cleaning plant or bean fine cleaning line, which can process beans by fine
cleaning with great efficiency and effectiveness. Compared with preliminary cleaning plant, it can help us get fine bean products.
We offer bean fine cleaning plant to maximize performance and flexibility to suit your bean cleaning needs. All of our cleaners
are precision cleaners with good sealing property and reliable performance. Bean fine cleaning machine can process various kinds
of beans, such as soybean, kidney bean, mung bean, navy bean, sword bean, pea, cowpea, chickpea, butter bean, lentil, broad bean,
black soya bean, small red bean and so on.


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