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Complete Maize Grain Processing Plant Machine

120 Ton Complete Maize Grain Processing Plant Machine Price

This complete maize milling machine price cost low, which consists of vibrating sieve, destoner machine, magnetic separation machine, winding machine, degerm machine, pneumatic grinder, high screen, packing machine, etc.

 From raw materials, cleaning, degerming, milling, sieving to the finished product packaging one-stop production, high degree of automation, it can produce high precision of corn/maize flour.

 Complete Maize Grain Processing Plant Machine

  • Capacity: 120T maize per 24 hours
  • Finished Products and by products:
  • a. Big maize grits: about 15%  granularity 10-20mesh
  • b. Middle maize grits: about 20%  granularity 20-40mesh
  • c. Small maize grits: about 10%  granularity 40-60mesh
  • d. Maize Fine Flour: about 35%  through 60 Mesh Sieve.
  • e. Maize germ& bran& Coarse Fodder: about 20%
  • Workshop dimension: 30×9×12m(L×W×H)
Power: About 470kw.


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