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China Flour Mill Machine Supplier

China Flour Mill Machine Supplier

Semolina Flour Mill Technology:

Wheat Flour Mill will be processed into wheat flour by flour milling machine.Its general technology flowchart should be as follows:crude wheat storage by silos,wheat pre-cleaning section,wheat cleaning section,wheat milling section,flour packing section and wheat flour storage section.

China Flour Mill Machine Supplier
Large scale semolina flour mills flow:

1. Storage (silos, or warehouse)
2. Cleaning system (sifter, destoner, separator, magnet, scourer, etc)
3. Dampening (dampener, conditioning silos, etc)
4. Milling system (roller mill, plan sifter, purifier, impact detacher, etc.)
5. Flour pressure and blending system (if need)
6. Flour packing and stacking .


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