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Bean Cleaning Line

5T/H Bean Cleaning Line Basic information

Capacity 5T/H

Total power: 77.89KW, Three phase 380v 50Hz

Cleaning rate

Raw Material: kidney bean

Dimension of Workshop: 16 m long, 9m wide, 6.5 m high
Bean Cleaning Line

Technology introduction

Air screen cleaner- destoner -- gravity separator -- magnetic machine -- polishing machine --- Color-Sorting -- Grading machine -- packing machine.

Air screen cleaner: dust, leaf, light impurity, and then remove large, small impurity and small particles .

Destoner: remove stones

Gravity separator: blighted seed, budding seed, damaged seed (by insect), rotten seed, deteriorated seed, moldy seed, non-viable seed, seed with black powder sick

Magnetic machine: clod separate clod from grain.

Polishing machine: remove the dust in all kinds of beans' surfact and polishing the machinerial.

Color Sortor: Remove different color seeds.

Grading machine: It is to separate the beans to different size: big, medium and small size.

Packing machine: manual packing machine, save man power.


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