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30 tons per 24 hours Maize Mill Corn Flour Machine

 Automatic 30 tons per 24 hours Maize Mill Corn Flour Machine

The details of  our 30T/24H maize milling machine:

1. Production capacity: 30ton-35ton corn(maize)/24h
2. Extraction rate:
1)Maize flour/meal/grits: 70-75%
2)Maize bran and Fodder flour:20-25%
3. Workshop: (L×W×H):24×7.5×5.5m
4. Power supply: About 106kW
5. Total weight of the equipment: 10T
7. Installing time: About one month.

30 tons per 24 hours Maize Mill Corn Flour Machine

As a professional engineer for installing and operating maize milling machines.

We had some general idea for setting up a maize meal factory in Africa.

1. Maize storage.

The maize can be from your farm or your local market.

It will be stored by silo. and be precleaned by high speed sieve for removing big impurity.

Before going silo, the maize moisture content should be less than 14%. So the maize will be dried to keep moisure content less than 14%, so it can go into silo by elevator, and after conveyor , it will go to maize milling plant warehouse.

2. Maize processing plant.

Maize cleaning section:

It uses vibrating sieve, destoner, magnetic separetor to remove all the big and small impurity. Then we use double floor damper to add water into maize, which is better for peeling and milling.

After add water, maize will go to degerminator which is designed by Japan technology and South Africa technoloy. It can scrub the bran skin from maize kernel and to dislodge the germ from its cavity, with minimum reduction in size of broken fragments.

3. Maize milling section:

It using roller mill or hammer mill for produce different size maize meal or maize flour.

In Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe we away use roller mill for getting super white maize meal.

For Uganda, Rwanda, Congo market, we use hammer mill for getting much more fine maize flour.

After milling, the maize become maize flour, maize meal or grits. Then the sifter will be graded them. Some part will go to packing and the other part will go back mill to milling again.

For packing machine, it will be package 1kg, 2kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg, 25kg and 50kg.

Different size bags will be used different packing equipments.

After packing, it will go to market for human consumption


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